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Our goal is to give you exceptional personal service – and to offer it in a timely and accurate fashion.

Your Caplan's salesperson is here to help you! Whether you have a question about a recent purchase or require immediate service on an older product you bought from Caplan's, our sales team is on the job.

The best way for us to serve you quickly is to complete the Service Form below and forward it to the appropriate person. We will do our very best to respond to you within 1 business day or less.

However ... If you know your appliance needs servicing and are just as happy to handle it on your own, we recommend that you:

  • Review the information on the right side of your screen
  • Search these authorized servicers for the one that's right for you

Customer Assistance Form

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"In Warranty" Service
Your appliance is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty (most offer 1-year and some offer 2-year coverage).

"Extended Warranty" Service
You purchased additional warranty coverage beyond what was offered by the manufacturer. To arrange service for your appliance, please call Service Protection PlusTM (underwritten by Comerco Services Inc.) at 1-800-393-9177.

If your product is under one year old, you can still purchase an Extended Warranty.

"Out of Warranty" Service
Your appliance is no longer covered by either the manufacturer or an extended warranty program. Any service you arrange through an authorized servicer will be at your own expense.

You wish to purchase parts to fix your appliance. We recommend contacting Reliable Parts at 1-800-533-4564 or visiting